FineLine Message Manager provides a complete UNIX-based e-mail and scheduling system with both character terminal and Windows PC interfaces.  With this product, an entire company can centralize its data on the reliable UNIX server and provide a consistent e-mail and scheduling interface to all of its users.

The entire product is client/server based, which means the UNIX system holds the data and a user can choose to use the UNIX text interface, the graphical PC interface or switch between them.  Since all access by the PC is done over the network, PC users don't even have to log onto the UNIX server.

  • All e-mail and schedule data is stored on the UNIX server

  • Both character-based and Windows PC interfaces are included to access the data residing on the UNIX system

  • PCs only need to be running Microsoft Windows and be networked to the UNIX server

  • PCs do not have to be logged onto the UNIX server at any time to access the features of the FineLine Message Manager - all access is done through the network

  • Licensing is by UNIX user name, regardless of whether the user is using the character interface, PC interface or switching back and forth between them

  • The server is loaded, configured and run on the UNIX system

  • Only the PC interface software needs to be installed on the PC (if PC support is desired)
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